Eons ago, enigmatic entities were the architects of all Creation. They have since retired and passed their duties onto their Children to maintain order. Through righteousness and ruthlessness, the Children of Creation have banished any that threatened the ways of the Ancients into the Void. After long turbulent times, lines have blurred and shades have grayed. Believing that each motives and methods are just, the Children have now turned on each other. This is their war. The Throne Wars. Unlike any other game Spirit Realms The Throne Wars focuses on the building of armies, the evolution of your minions, defending your forts, and capturing your opponent’s throne. CHOOSE YOUR THRONE!

The five Spirit Lords who were once allies during the last Great Spirit War in defense of Gaia have fallen to battling among themselves. Each Spirit Lord seeks to expand their kingdom through conquest and to become the ultimate ruler of the Spirit Realms. You can choose to be:



Raven the Protector

Brother Raven is the protector of the earth. He holds dominion over the realm of Time and Space and his element of choice is water. His chevron of power is mental which should get some the ability of mental focus such as telepathy and telekinesis. He is the strongest of all Father Th'lon and Lady Iza's children. But has been bested on more than one occasion by his half brother Judah.



Widow the Warrior

Widow is Raven's betrothed. Descending from a royal family, Widow is nothing like her sheltered brethren. Born with a natural darkness within her, she dove headlong into the dark arts. It was this darkness which drove her to the brink of insanity. A genius in her own right when it comes to everything she applies herself to, it's the darkness which draws her in the most. It was that inner darkness which attracted her to Raven, who's presence further encouraged and nourished her inner dark. Widow is the only being to actually have successfully murder Raven, although during a fit of passion and not in battle. Raven's brother Crow, resurrected Raven which now leaves Widow pondering Raven's reaction upon their next encounter.


Judah the Conqueror

Judah is Mother Earth's new champion against Raven's revolt. Once called the bastard son of Mother Earth, because of Mother's favoritism that once fell upon Raven and Crow respectfully, Judah remained fiercely loyal. He is an excellent leader, a master tactician and a just governor even though he serves one not so just. To him, the law is all. He follows Mother's ways without question even though that title has been passed onto Willow. He still carries on Mother's wishes to this day. No one has ever come closer to defeating Raven as has Judah. And like Raven, he has a fierce loyal following consisting of the Pride lands very best warriors. To face Judah on the battlefield basically means certain death.

Crow the Scion

Crow is Raven's closest brother among many. Crow's ideals are childlike in simplicity and in purity. Unable to understand his older brother's ways, Crow was fully against Raven's revolt, until he began to see Mother Earth's brand of justice first hand. Once chosen by Mother Earth herself to bring Raven down, after Crow joined Raven's call, that title was then passed onto her new favorite Hannibal. Now, once obscured in Raven's shadow, Crow has become a very formidable leader all his own sometimes brandishing a form of brutality that even Raven rarely shows.

Lizard the Rogue

Lizard was a low ranking member among his large clansmen who once dominated the lands during ancient times. He wandered the world feeling misplaced until he came across Brother Raven. Lizard quickly became a loyal disciple and madly devoted to Brother Raven's sister Lady Song Bird. Lizard is cunning and ruthless and a very lethal addition to Raven's cause. This once low ranking clansman is now a Spirit Lord with his own massive army and a threat to all those who would go against Raven's ideals; even to Brother Raven himself.